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Bridlington Old Town


Coloquially known as 'The Other Side of the Seaside', Bridlington Old Town is the cultural side of Great Bridlington.


Bridlington Old Town encompasses the Bridlington Priory Church, Bayle Museum along with the wonders of the Bridlington Old Town High Street and Market Place which were the set for the recent Dads Army Movie.

There are many great local shops, art galleries and wonderful restaurants to enjoy on your day trip up to Bridlington Old Town.

Throughout the year there are many events and festivals organised to attract visitors to explore further into the depths of The Bridlington Old Town.


Need to spend more time exploring? Stay at some Great Bridlington accommodation - Try The Royal Bridlington for size.


Bridlington Old Town Gallery
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Bridlington Old Town

Old Town Secret Gardens

16th and 17th June 2018


Old Town 1940's Summer Festival

10th June 2018

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