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Destination Old Town Christmas Festive Fridays

You may have read about D.O.T. in the Free Press.  DOT or Destination Old Town Bridlington is a newly formed group of people who live in the Old Town and run small businesses there.  The group was originally formed for the Heritage Weekend and has continued on to celebrate the arts, culture and heritage of the Old Town.

DOT are encouraging people to celebrate Christmas by lighting up the Old Town in December.  They are promoting what is happening in the Old Town and the Priory with the aim of creating a thriving community that enjoys the uniqueness of the Bridlington Old Town.


The celebrations will be happening each Friday in December in the run up to Christmas.  The main emphasis is that all of the shops and Galleries up and down the High Street will be open for trade, some will be providing festive fayre to all comers on each Friday until 8pm.  This is aimed at providing an entertaining shopping experience right here on your doorstep and offering a great opportunity to get that unique gift for friends and family from local shops.

So, onto the plans for December in Bridlington Old Town.  The first four Fridays in December have been designated the dates for our activities, these being:

Friday 1st December – LIGHTING UP THE OLD TOWN, everyone is encouraged to switch on their Christmas Lights this night there will also be Morris Dancers turning up to jolly things along.  They will be starting the proceedings at 5pm. Other musicians and buskers will be joining in to liven up the evening.

Friday 8th December – FOOD is the theme for this evening. Pubs and Restaurants will be offering their “festive feasting” etc.  Please feel free to come up the High Street, Market Place and the Old Town in general in costume.  There is no specific theme just a period costume from Georgian, Victorian or Steam Punk to provide a further level to the evenings entertainment.  There will also be a mini panto on throughout the evening.


Friday 15th December – KIDS’ NIGHT AND TREASURE HUNT. Please bring your kids along on this night to join in an entertaining treasure hunt along the High Street and Market Place with Candy being provided for the kids and a prize for the winner.  There will also be a prize for the best novelty attire or costume worn by the youngsters.  The mini panto is also taking place tonight as well as singing and of course the shops and galleries will be open for business.


Friday 22nd December – LANTERN PARADE.  Lanterns and lights will be paraded around the Old Town, and feel free to join in a “Singalong” – possibly combined with something from the Priory?


For more information on any of the events which are planned please contact Jenny at Morton Gallery or Carole at The Old Town Gallery and Information Point – both on High Street - or email

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