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Dads Army Movie Release

The new Dads Army Movie Release is due in February 2016.

The Dads Army Movie Release is to be a magnificent time for the Bridlington Old Town as many of the scenes were filmed in the Bridlington Old Town High Street. The filming of the Dads Army Movie has brought a lot of attention to the Bridlington Old Town.

There still remains many of the shop fronts in the Bridlington Old Town High Street. Jones Family Butcher and the Black Bull are still present and with the many photographs that were taken during the filming there are many artifacts to attract the many Dads Army Film Buffs to town.

Shortly a brand new Dads Army Movie Trail is to be established so that visitors can follow the filming from Bridlington Old Town to Flamborough and North Landing where many beach battles took place and through to Beverley.

The Dads Army Movie Release will no doubt be a red carpet event with the many actors who had a part in the Movie putting on their finery and enjoying a night out at the Movies. This event will no doubt see Catherine Zeta Jones, Bill Nighy, Toby Jones and of course Blake Harrison (from the Inbetweeners) rubbing shoulders with the press and public.

As part of the celebration of the Release of the Dads Army Movie in February 2016 the Bridlington Old Town is planning an event to coincide to renew interest in the area and to attract visitors to see where it all began.

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