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New Visiting Artist for November 16

The new Visiting Artist for November 2016 is Heather Burton

Heather Burton Old Town Gallery

Heather Burton is mainly self taught, taking art to A’level and then spending the next 30 years pursuing a writing career and raising a family.

Three years ago Heather Burton I went back to the drawing board and has been drawing and painting ever since.

Heather Burton

Heather Burtons work evolves from life sketches and photographs of people from all walks of life. She works with mixed media – mainly oils, oil pastels, charcoal and water colour. She often work with a palette knife to create form, texture and depth.

We look forward to exhibiting Heather Burtons work at The Bridlington Old Town Gallery and Information Point in November. Please call in during the Dickensian Festival and take a look at some of the magnificent works on display.

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