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Old Town Gallery - Refurb Part 1

Bridlington Old Town Gallery Refurbishment

As you may have read, seen, noticed - the Old Town Gallery and Information Point is starting a refurbishment programme. This programme will bring it into the 21st century. There will be state of the art economical lighting as well as a modern hanging system for the new artists to hang their works from.

In addition to this the flooring is to be renewed and the space opened out to provide a much more attractive sales platform and much more attractive and welcoming reception for those looking for tourist information about Bridlington and the Old Town.

For now the public face of the Gallery and Information Point remain very much unchanged with the Gallery still continuing to house some great, bright, vibrant and fresh works.

The art works in the Gallery range from modern conceptual pieces to fabrics, photographs and ceramics.

So there is something for everyone in the Bridlington Old Town Gallery.

Also available in the Bridlington old town Gallery is the tourist and visitor information point.

As can be seen here, currently there is a single tower with tourist information regarding Bridlington and The Old Town.

When the Bridlington Old Town Gallery is refurbished and completed this will be doubled and the quality and relevance of information will be enhanced.

Now to the Refurb . . . . .

So work has started in the back room.

In the back rooom the Old Town Gallery will be holding its monthly changing visiting artist starting in February. The Back Room will have a professional hanging system and now much more natural light.

Anyway, heres the progress to date. Enjoy and we all look forward to showing you the progress and developments and sharing with you our passion for the Old Town of Bridlington and the contribution it can make to the development of Great Bridlington.

The team has wondered what was behind the wooden cover on this wall and now we know.

As soon as the cover was removed a wonderful old fully intact sash type window appeared.

What a relief - it was in great condition and it really makes the back room so light and airy.

Heres to more surprises and a great refurbishment project.

Many thanks once again to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the High Street Fund Grant to make all of this possible.


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